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      Are you familiar with the term “chronotype”?

      Recently I learned about The Power of When, which is a book all about chronotypes, or the natural waking and sleeping rhythm for each individual person. If you know your chronotype, you can also figure out when it’s the best time of day for you to work and be productive.

      The 4 chronotypes are:

      • The Lion – folks who like to wake up early and usually slow down as the day progresses
      • The Bear – folks who rise and sleep with the sun and have moderate energy levels throughout the day
      • The Wolf  – I think a better term for this chronotype would be night owl, because these folks hit their stride later in the day or even at night
      • The Dolphin – a rare breed who don’t need much sleep to function

      You can learn more and even take a quiz to find out your chronotype here.

      Which of these four types best describes you? Do you think Parkinson’s has changed your chronotype?

      P.S. I’m a bear!

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      It says I’m a bear also Ally..

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      Hi Becky, does that surprise you or confirm what you know to be true? I thought I would be a wolf because I’m such a night owl — or at least I used to be when I was younger, nowadays staying up past 10.30pm is challenging! I wonder if the online test is accurate or if there are other factors to consider.

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