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      Jean Mellano

      Many of us take Parkinson’s medications. I do believe that some meds (not just PD drugs) are miracle drugs and have helped many people.  But I am also so weary of seeing drug commercials every day, telling us to speak to our physicians about some advertised medication.  The side effects described in the commercials seem almost as bad as what the medication is attempting to fix.


      Do you think we have gone too far as a society in terms taking a drug for everything that ails us in a search for a quick fix solution?



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      Lou Hevly

      Well, another question might be “What are the proper criteria for taking a drug for ailments?” For example, in my case, I have serious Restless Leg Syndrome. I’m now taking Sinemet plus and Mirapexin, but I know that I’m running the risk of getting dystonia from the Sinemet and edema from the Mirapexin. But without these drugs I would now be frequently miserable. Therefore, their use is justified.

      Per contra, I have serious insomnia; I’ve had trouble sleeping all my life, my mother and sister have always had trouble sleeping, and now with Parkinson’s it has gotten worse. Sleep is important, so should I be taking something? Well, I seem able to function well on 2-3 hours sleep, occasional catnaps are always refreshing, and from time to time I do get a good night’s sleep. Finally, normal doses of conventional sleeping pills have no effect. Therefore, I don’t take anything to sleep.

      As for side effects, my wife, who is a nurse and should know better, never reads the leaflet that comes with a drug. “If I read about all the possible side effects I’d never take anything”. But the leaflets have to list every possible side effect, even if there’s only a one in a hundred chance of occurrence. So, as you say Jean, though “the side effects described in the commercials seem almost as bad as what the medication is attempting to fix”, I think it’s good to remember that the chances of these side effects ever becoming manifest are relatively remote.

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        LOL Lou your comment made me think of the comment my dad tags on to every pharmaceutical commercial he sees: “Side effects include death!” Sometimes those laundry lists of potential side effects are quite the deterrent!

        P.S. These types of commercials are pretty rare in Canada since we have strict laws around advertising medications, but I’ve noticed over the years the number of pharmaceutical advertisements has been increasing and I wonder if the CRTC is getting more lax/the drug lobby is getting stronger here.

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      Jean Mellano

      Thank you for sharing Lou, I like your approach and way of thinking.  Bottom line, I believe it does come down to quality of life and choosing our “poison”.

      So, I do take Sinemet and Neupro so that I can function well enough to exercise, which I believe is out best medicine.

      Can you tell, I don’t like taking drugs? 🙂

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        Lou Hevly

        @Jean: Can you tell, I don’t like taking drugs? ?

        I’m with you… except for sometimes ?

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          Jean Mellano

          Lou, it is good to be flexible 🙂

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