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      Charlotte Amberger

      Has anyone had success in working with  TCM practitioner?  Please share your experience.

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      I’ve tried a variety of acupuncture treatments but didn’t notice any changes so no longer get those.

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      Ray Birk

      I had lower back pain for years until I went to an acupuncturist.  I had immediate relief and I continue to see him weekly. When I first saw him he asked if I wanted to try his Chinese medicene.  I told him I would have to know what chemicals might be used because I was afraid of a chemical conflict. He declined and I declined. Since then my freezing gait has gotten very bad. He has seen my condition worsen over the last two years but he has never brought it up again …making me think I made a good decision.

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        Emelita Go

        Yes, it is working for me.  I started every week for 5 months then changed to bi weekly. It improved my tremor and other stress in my body.

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      John V Twork

      I  learned, several years ago, about the use of acupuncture as a treatment technique primarily for dealing with chronic pain. There is, however, a considerable amount of literature dealing with acupuncture as a primary method in the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease as well. After some discussion with the certified acupuncture instructors, it was decided to conduct some preliminary testing and, if these tests proved promising, to expand the testing.

      The actual procedures in the treatment were fairly straight forward and required roughly 30 – 45 min. The instructor places about 10 to 12 small diameter needles in predetermined locations in the patient. One or more of these needles can then be connected to a low-voltage power supply. The patient during this phase of treatment the patient is typically lying down and once the needles have been removed will sit back up.
      In my initial test the result was short time elimination of all my PD symptoms (balance, freeze up, and stiffness) for about 20-30 min only to return. Subsequent testing following relocation of the needles yielded the same results.
      I’ve asked several neurologists if they could explain why an entirely different treatment method could provide the same result as the pharma (i.e., carbidopa/levidopa) and none of them had a ready answer.

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      In 2 hours I will go for my 3rd accupuncture treatment. So far so good. My intention is to continue this treatment. For me in my struggle I prefer this natural strategy rather than more C/L.  I am currently taking 6 pills per day and at 65 my hope is to not increase my dose. I do daily exercise and try to eat right. The way I figure it God has provided me with natural strategies. Accupuncture is just the newest vehicle. Blessings, Mike



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        Ray Birk

        Krukar,  After 2 more months, what is your conclusion on accupuncture?  Thank you ..


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