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      Does your life feel chaotic and out of control right now, or is it pretty calm and relaxing? For me personally, things change from day to day. No matter what, I try to carve out moments of stillness and calm — usually by reading, walking or trying to follow a guided meditation (emphasis on the word trying!).

      What about you? Where do you find moments of stillness and calm in your daily life? What are some of your favorite relaxation techniques? Have you developed any strategies that help make calmness the norm rather than a rarity? (I’d love to hear from you if you have!)

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      Barbara Ford

      Throughout most of the year, I find peace and calm while working in my Texas Native front garden, and my shaded pocket gardens in the back yard. Even with Covid spreading fear through the summer of 2020, there was no lack of visitors to my gardens. Being out of doors and observing social distancing, did not pose a risk, according to my physician.

      Then the cold days and nights of fall and winter arrived and it was no longer possible to enjoy my time outside. Depression and loneliness has set it. Physically, I have become weaker, constantly tired, and withdrawn from close friends. Will I perk back up in the warm days of spring? I hope so, but I know that I have lost a year of holding my own against the deteriorating effects of PD, and of age, and I cannot get that back.

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        I’m so sorry to hear that the winter has had such a negative impact on your physical and mental health, Barbara. You’re certainly not alone. When can you look forward to the warm and sunny weather returning? Ontario winters are notoriously long and dark (they can last until May…) but I’m praying this year will be kind to us and grant us an early spring. In the meantime, I’m trying to get outside for a walk in the sunshine whenever it makes an appearance. It’s not much but it’s something.

        A friend of mine loves to garden, too, and has thrown herself into planning for the next season as a distraction from the cold weather and isolation. Do you do the same around this time of year? Are there any other indoor hobbies you enjoy during the winter?

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      Barbara Ford


      To follow up on my post last month about feelings of depression and not having my garden work to distract me, I continue to slide down the slippery slope.

      I am apathetic about doing much of anything positive. Fatigue and IBS are a crushing weight. Stress is a major factor in the out of control IBS, yet most days, I cannot identify any specific stress factors in my life.

      Around the first of March, I may be able to spend time in my garden again. Maybe that will re-energize me. Maybe the pink spray paint for the old, faded metal flamingos I bought for $1 at a garage sale will perk me up. Perhaps I will find a bargain plant that is just what I need for that certain pot. It sounds good, but right now, I can’t imagine where the energy will come from to do it and I feel overwhelmed just thinking about it.


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