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I am an active, busy, involved person and have owned a moderately sized travel agency since 1986.  Of course this busI Ness began to decline with the common use of the internet, and was completely destroyed by Covid. Perhaps that was a blessing in disguise, because now I am truly retired, whether I like it or not! Every day I have the time to work in my garden. That gives me exercise , fresh air and some socialization.

My life In travel has been full of  experiences, adventure and fun. The people I have met, the places I have been and the things I have done – I could never have imagined this would be my life.

Mystery novels are my favorite books, and early in my travel life, I thought how fun it would be to visit the place where the story was set. Being a businesswomen, my next thought was, why don’t I take Other mystery-lovers with me? Thus began over 20 years of setting up trips, in the British Isles, of trips based on as many books as I could squeeze into an itinerary. Besides the physical places, we met the authors of the books and were allowed into places not open to the general public. It was quite amazing.

Bob, my husband of 30 years, was having adventures of his own during this time period. As an international consultant, he was living in the hot spots of Pakistan, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan. But he never missed joining me on a mystery trip, and we had many other personal  travel experiences too.

From a previous marriage, I have two wonderful children, three even more wonderful grandchildren, and an incredible four beautiful great-grand children.

Being in the travel business has given me the opportunity to meet and make many friends. Before Covid, we did a lot of entertaining and socializing.

The past few years, Bob and I have begun a new life adventure: gardening. This has been the saving grace for me, both in the lack of socializing with Covid, and as my PD has begun to affect my life.

Diagnosed in 2013, only my family and closest friends have been told. My symptoms are fairly well controlled and my “mind over matter” determination seems to help me appear normal to others.

The hardest thing about having PD is not understanding how it will affect my life. The MJF network and blogs have given me more information than I have found elsewhere.


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