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      Jean Mellano

      Some schools of thought find that levadopa can cause dyskinesia with long term use, hence the reason some doctors delay prescribing it for as long as possible.  Here is a good article about levadopa:

      Do you take levadopa?  Was it the first drug you were prescribed at time of diagnosis? Are you concerned you may develop dyskinesia in the future because of levadopa?

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      Can you develop a resistance to carda levadopa?Husband been on it since 2013 and when he takes it now 4x day he gets like slurred speech,looks acts drunk walking is more difficult and he has trouble with speech??? He is taking it every 4 hours and at night he takes a timed release one about 10pm so starts at 7am every 4 hours,

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        Jean Mellano

        Hi Suzanne, I am not a medical health professional so I cannot give you advice.  However if you are talking about carbidopa/levodopa vs. carda/levopdopa, i believe you are referring to the generic version of Sinemet which is considered the ‘gold’ standard for PD treatments. I would suggest you and your husband discuss with his doctor .  If you feel that is not helpful, then try to get a second opinion.  My experience has been that there is no one exact treatment protocol for PD and every patient reacts differently.  I am still putzing around with my meds for over a year now, going back and forth with my neurologist on finding the right ‘cocktail’ and dosage of PD meds.  Believe it or not, what has helped me most is rock Steady Boxing and exercise in general. Perhaps you might find one of my articles helpful:

        Your husband is lucky to have you in his life to help him with the difficult journey he is on.

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