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      Mary Beth Skylis

      Classic Parkinson’s symptoms include things like tremors, freezing, fatigue, and more. But the disease seems to materialize in so many other ways. My dad has many classic symptoms, but we think it’s possible that he has some atypical symptoms as well. Do you think there is such thing as a “garden variety” version of Parkinson’s? Do you or your loved one exhibit the typical Parkinson’s symptoms?

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      Mary Beth,

      My Parkinson’s is unique to me…as yet at 65 no tremors, no significant

      freezing due to exercise I think. I do get tired but at 65 that my be expected . Garden variety or not I am not sure. We all like to feel unique

      even in our diagnosis. Great question to think about. Blessings, Mike








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      Alan Berry

      Hi Mary Beth . Alan Berry here. Cannot see myself as  “garden variety” anything. Sorry. I am 81 with primary “P.D.” Indicators memory loss/ concentration. Symptoms could be simply ageing?? Then slow moving & fatigue. 4 yrs ago diagnosed incureable nerve damage arms & legs. Speech changes if tired – yes. Depression? No. On medication since I was 30 or so. Pain = rheumatoid arthritis many years. Bladder/Sexual disfunction after 2006 prostate cancer damaging my relative “equipment”. Blood pressure investigation on going since 2009 heart attack. Zero smell sense since sister bashed me in nose creating deviated septum. So garden variety I ain’t but does “P.D.” exacerbate what I already had? Over to you Mary Beth.

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