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  • Day 30 of #30DaysofPD: A Heightened Awareness

    Posted by Kevin Schaefer on April 30, 2022 at 11:55 am

    This is Alan MacKenzie’s story.

    Alan’s Parkinson’s diagnosis put a halt to his retirement plans and forced him to adapt. He had many challenges to face with his new reality, but he’s also developed a heightened sense of awareness. He’s learning to let go of unrealistic expectations and take things as they come.

    Here’s an excerpt, “Part of “letting go” involves ceasing the necessity to control what happens to me while learning to ignore unhelpful interior dialogue. Instead, I’ve learned to adapt my expectations by choosing to live more in the present — and to stop worrying about any changes I may be forced to confront.”

    Can you relate to Alan’s story? 

    Parkinson’s News Today’s 30 Days of PD campaign will publish one story per day for Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month in April. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more stories like this, using the hashtag #30DaysofPD, or read the full series.

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