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  • Ageing parents who are also caregivers

    Posted by Ally on July 8, 2021 at 8:05 pm

    In a recent column, Mary Beth Skylis wrote about visiting her parents for the first time in a few months and being taken aback by signs of ageing in both of them. Of particular concern is her mom’s declining health, because her mom is also the primary caregiver for Mary Beth’s dad who has Parkinson’s. You can listen to this column as a flash briefing here.

    If you’re the child of someone with Parkinson’s, how does it feel to watch your parents age, particularly if, like in Mary Beth’s family, one parent is the primary caregiver for the parent with Parkinson’s?

    If you’re the spouse of someone with Parkinson’s, how has your own ageing affected your ability to provide care? How do you feel about someone else (a family member or paid worker) caring for you, too?

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