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  • Using Fava Beans (Broad Beans): Our Experience and Questions

    Posted by kamala on July 3, 2024 at 5:37 pm

    My husband has had Parkinsons for around five years, but only diagnosed and on leva/carba for about one year and still a relatively small dose. I researched using fava beans (called broad beans here in Australia) and the science seems pretty robust. The other nutrients in fava beans are also helpful and no bad effects–like what some people have with mucuna. Its a food rather than a herbal or pharmacological medicine, which I like. You need to take a larger quantity than mucuna but as a food that’s not hard.

    Most people say the sprouted dried bean is the most potent (though some research points to whole young plants.) So we buy whole dried beans, soak and sprout them. Research says 9 days or when the leaf first begins to show has the highest potency, so we do that. There is a YouTube video where the wife sprouts, simmers for ten minutes and freezes the beans. They say 5 sprouted beans equal 1/2 of a sinimet pill. Rather than freezing the beans, I decided to dehyrate them for abut 8 hours or until crunchy. Then we grind them in a good blender and 2 teaspoons equals 5 beans. My husband takes that instead of half a pill or eats the fresh sprouts in a salad. Seems to be going well for the last two weeks or so.

    It is my understanding that cooked fava beans (yummy though they are) are less potent so you need to eat a whole bowlful (each meal, each day?) to get results from that. Some people mentioned that they eat “The Good Bean” roasted favas, and I don’t also know if they have any potency.

    My husband is also on a variety of healthy lifestyle treatments and choices–whole foods plant based diet, infa red helmet, exercise. Did some detoxing with fasting, wheatgrass, green juices, infared sauna in the first year.

    My questions:

    –Anyone else trying fava beans with success?

    –What about the fresh green fava beans? Are they more potent or the same as sprouted? (from the market or the garden). I have planted some beans and they are easy to grow so I wonder about the fresh beans and how potent they are and don’t find much written about it.

    –What about frozen green fava beans? We can buy them here in the freezer section at the grocery section. Will that work?? (the frozen ones in the store have been slightly cooked, but are still green).

    Basically favas could be consumed in all these ways: which one works?

    Cooked dried bean

    Roasted dried bean

    Sprouted dried bean

    Whole ground plant

    Fresh raw green fava bean (with pod?)

    Cooked green fava bean

    Frozen green fava bean

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