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      Vickie Paul

      Has anyone tried this? It’s expensive but worth it if effective for controlling Parkinson’s symptoms.

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      Beth T Browne

      I would also like to know more.  Does it always work? I hear it is expensive, but how much.  I am new to PD, and I am researching as much as I can for help for my tremors.

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      I’ve been on it for about two years — and love it.   I use this patch with Senimet — works good.  I haven’t had a so much as a twitch for nearly two years.    It is pricey – my copay is $325/mo.

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        Beth T Browne

        Anita, does it just help tremors? Do you have any other PD symptoms like sleep, balance? Thanks. Beth

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      Does anyone know when the generic version will be available?

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      Vickie Paul

      Sorry reply took so long. Couldn’t figure out how to use the site easily before I tried the Neupro patch. It has given me an attitude correction, YES I CAN instead of screw it, and the energy to get ‘er done.

      Price is high. I’m in the donut hole, so I pay $200/ month. I think I added it up one year and the total was around $6000.

      However, probably the most serious downside is potential seizures. I had 2 while driving. Crossed over into oncoming traffic. So I gave up driving for six months. I also had to give up the Neupro. 6 months later I ditched the car keys and got back on the patch. It is that important to me.

      I’m loving life, doing aqua therapy at the YMCA, Finishing years old projects. Sometimes you’re the bug, sometimes you’re the windshield.

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      I was on the Neupro patch for two years. Increased dosage from 2mg to 6mg.  Also, I was taking amantadine and then Artane.  Didn’t work for me, in fact, when adding the Artane my tremors increased.

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      Jody Kearns

      How do you get it from the doctors

      funny I have had pd for 15 years and nobody has mentioned

      Does insurance cover it

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      Gwendoline Jakins

      My husband was diagnosed with Lewy Body dementia initially, but the diagnosis was changed to Parkinson’s after he went on the Neupro patch. He actually had extreme apathy, which disappeared on the patch. Madapar made no discernible difference to his symptoms.

      The patch can have serious side effects, so needs to be monitored. One is addictions, as in gambling, increased sexual urges, binge eating. Our neurologist says he has had a couple of patients with one of these side effects.


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      I was prescribed Neupro patches early in my PD journey but was unable to tell whether it was effective so am unable to recommend it.

      However, I am amazed at the price difference for the patches in the US compared with here in Australia.  Both country’s patches are made in Germany but US has packs of 30 whereas Australia has 28. That does not explain the difference in prices of around USD $800 and about AUD $80 but most of those with PD qualify under the noncontributory Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme to a cost of AUD $6.


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      Lyn Richards

      My first neurologist prescribed Neupro (& Azilect/rasagiline) as his first level treatment. While these didn’t benefit my tremor, they markedly improved my attention and motivation, as Vickie and Gwendoline noted, as well as my mood. I was no longer dressed in black with my hair tied back in a ponytail; instead, I felt cheerful, functional and energetic again, and still do 9 years later. Now when I become fatigued it’s bc I have been doing too much for too long.

      The downside I experienced with Neupro was persistent morning nausea during the weeks of gradually increasing the dose to 6mg. Had I not been 15 years past menopause, I’d have thought I was pregnant. What helped most was ginger; my preferred form is ginger tea (grated fresh ginger boiled in water, with lemon & honey). I still have occasional mild morning nausea — relieved by burping.

      The only medication I know of that helps tremor is levodopa —Sinemet in Canada, Madopar in the UK — and it’s really effective, but it took a couple of weeks of increasing the dose to have benefit. Missing med doses, skipping regular exercise, lack of sleep, and becoming exhausted or dehydrated (and perhaps missing meals) all seem to increase likelihood/severity of tremor.

      In Canada it costs  $270/month, though is covered fully by my private health insurance plan. British Columbia’s Fair Pharmacare covers the cost for individuals with “advanced” PD. I would give up something else to pay for it if it weren’t covered: it’s that good.


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      Don Bell

      My Kaiser doctor recommended 4 mg patch for Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) treatment and it is fair.  Sinemet is managing my Parkinson’s.    1 Tablespoon of Mannitol b.i.d. has controlled my shaking for + 3 years.

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      Bill Frohberg

      My wife has gone from the 2mg up to the 8mg patch.  Combined with Amantadine.  The patch seems to help a little.  No great relief from the hand tremors.

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      I have been using the patch for a  number of years with good results.  My pharmacies MAIL OrDER GIVEs A HUge discount of 3 MONTHS/$90!  great savings!  check your insurance, they will often give a  discount for mail

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      I HAVE RECENTLY become disappointed in my neurologist and have been dr shopping.
      The bottom line is that I am now confused by my current evaluation. I have a serious problem with Freezing of gait and have had falling issues from the
      Beginning of my symptoms approximately 5-6 years ago. The problem is whether or not
      I have traditional parkinsons or multiple system atrophy (MSA). The treatment is the same, although I do not respond well to my ever increasing dosage of carba—
      Dopa. In fact,I don’tfeel any noticeable difference in my condition regardless of my medical dosing. I do have most of the non-motor symptoms of Parkinson’s but have never had any tremors. I am fortunate in that regard but was wondering if anyone Here has been diagnosed with MSA?
      I motived that the trials going on with Vaxxinity Ub-312 are lumping Parkinson’s and MSA together. I was initially told I might have PSP but quickly learned I didn’t have it.I presently have regular caregivers keeping me upright but am really looking forward to any new treatment for motor symptoms. I am getting tired
      Of watching NETFLIX all day.

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