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      Mary Beth Skylis

      My dad recently told me that one of his most irritating symptoms is cramping. Occasionally, he gets a Charlie horse that just won’t go away. After consulting his physician, he began taking a magnesium supplement, which he believes is helping. Do any of you take magnesium supplements for cramping? If so, do you take them regularly or just when the cramping arises?

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      Clive Varejes

      Hi Mary Beth,


      I believe that magnesium helps, but please let him try taking potasium.

      I do a lot of scuba diving  and I am Dive Master. One of the really scary things that happens underwater, at any time but especially when you are fairly far down, 15, 20 metres and below, is the problem of cramping.

      What we have found is that Potasium helps enormously with aleviating/stopping cramps. There was the old wives tale that you lacked salt, that really is not true.



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      I take 800 units of Magnesium and 99mg of Potassium daily to help with leg cramps. My doctor also prescribed Gabapentin and recommended I take it before the cramps begin. Generally, my leg cramps begin about 8pm every evening. If the legs start to cramp late at night or very early morning, I take an Extra Strength Tylenol. The cramps haven’t completely disappeared, but have decreased in frequency. I am waiting right now for a delivery of Extended Release Magnesium to try out. I’m hoping it will eliminate all leg cramps.

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      I take magnesium and potassium every day. Not only does the magnesium help with cramps, it also helps with other PD misery. I have found the Nature’s Best Magnesium gel capsules (400 mg; 150 count) to work best for me. I purchase the bottles at Sam’s Club or Costco (I have found them at both places).

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      Yes, we take magnesium here.. but make sure it’s the magnesium oxide, not citrate.. my husband takes it daily. And I take if I have not had enough steps because I get restless legs. And potassium as well. My husband does not have much cramping, but I make sure he has the magnesium every day.

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      Gwendoline Jakins

      I take Magnesium Citrate capsule for cramps (100mg) every night. If I don’t, I get cramps. (I don’t have Parkinson’s, I’m the carer).


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      Beth T Browne

      My heart doctor recommended Magnesium Bisglycinate, so I have taken that for several years. Recently my exercise teacher recommended PURE supplements. So, I ordered a bottle of mag from them. I was taking only 1 which has 120 mg in it. I tried taking two, which my daughter says is too much, and she is right. I was in the bathroom a lot. But I did sleep better.

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