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      My husband with Parkinson’s suffers from Claw Toe where 3 of his toes curl down so he is walking on his nailbed. His toes are very inflamed. Am wondering what other patients do to help this besides Botox injections?

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      If they are doing a curling motion as he walks, then that is dyskinesia (the side effect from Sinemet). Some people I know have had success in controlling that with Botox shots into the leg and the foot. Painful as that sounds, it might be worth it. My husband tried the shots, and they did not work for him. He was heading towards getting DBS anyhow, so the DBS stopped both his tremors and his dyskinesias. Its an amazing surgery!

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      Good to know. Sinemet never helped him so he is taking a supplement with fava beans in it (Mucina Pruriens). It contains dopamine so that must be why he is having the dyskinesia of the claw toes!

      Well, that stinks! Not sure he’s up for DBA surgery.

      Thanks for the information.

      Wanda Neville

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        Tj Maran

        Hello my name is TJ Maran i got diagnosed for Parkinson’s 2020 no I’m taking Carbidopa levodopa four time is a day gives Me brain fog  and mobility issues And Brady kinesia I had left knee replacement May 2019 right knee replacement February 2021 had back surgery for a pinched nerve December 2021 all the surgeries were successful but I still feel weakness waist down i’ve had many x-rays and MRIs since my surgery everything came out clear so is it Parkinson’s or something else I’m not sure question what is a DBA surgery thanks Tj

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      Andrew Bell

      Hi Wanda

      I was diagnosed in 2019 and have suffered with my toes since before I was diagnosed.  Recently a physiotherapist gave me some exercises which I was able to discuss with a podiatrist who confirmed they are really good for claw toe.  They take all of 2 minutes per foot in the morning and I am experiencing significant relief.  In fact if I don’t do them for some reason,  I am reminded by the end of the day as I will have the old symptoms back.  I would encourage your husband to see a physiotherapist or podiatrist or even a quick google search brings up a number of examples.

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      Ravindra Kango

      Hi Wanda,

      I have PD for past 10 years and sufferred due to clawed toes initial few years. It was very painful to walk dragging a lag with toes bent downward or sideways and thumb rising upwards.

      I consulted my doctor and some physiotherapists but their response was not encouraging.

      Then I thought of an exercise: bend the toes upwards and the thumb downward, hold it with hands for 5 minutes, repeating the same 3-4 times every day. I saw some recovery in few weeks. Next, while reading a book on Yoga I came across ‘ Tadasan ‘ a posture of body wherein you stand-up raising both hands upwards touching your ears, both the hills  raised and only toes bearing your entire body weight. Stand-up in this position for 1 or 2 minutes. Please do not try this without taking support from a wall, table, etc. initial few days until you are comfortable to do away with the support. It striked to me to walk in this position few yards at my house would b6 more helpful. This exercise further improved my toes position and I could maintain it for most part of the day. Since then I am continuing it as one of my daily exercises. Few months ago my medicines doses were increased to double due to overall progression of the disease but the clawed toes symptom does not relapse unless I have skipped the exercises more than 2 days in a week.

      I suggest your husband can try it.

      My view based on my experiences is that we can deal with many of the Parkinson’s symptoms by adopting different therapies / strategies for each one. Don’t take the experts views as final. Without disrespecting their medication advise, we can and should explore alternative or supplementory treatments viz. Yoga, exercises, meditation, engaging into activities that give us pleasure or relaxed body and mind, diet changes, etc.





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        Paulette Bennett

        Could you describe the exercise?

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          Ravindra Kango

          Tadasana or the Palm Tree Pose is a good stretching and loosing exercise for the entire body. Tadasana stretches the arms, the chest, the abdominal muscles, the spine and the leg muscles along with giving a sense of balance.


          1. Stand erect with legs slightly apart with the hands on the sides.
          2. Raise the hand above the head and look straight.
          3. Interlock the fingers and turn it upwards. The palms should be facing the sky.
          4. The gaze can be adjusted to look slightly above the horizontal level.
          5. Take a deep breath and stretch the arms, shoulders and chest upwards.
          6. Raise the heels so that the weight of the body is borne by the toes.
          7. Stretch the whole body from the feet to the head.
          8. Remain in this position for few seconds.
          9. Bring down the heels while breathing out.
          10. This is one round. One can practice up to 10 rounds.
          11. During the whole practice the eyes should remain steadily fixed in front little above the head level.

          Note:- The above content in this reply is taken from  https://www.yogicwayoflife.com/tadasana-the-palm-tree-pose/.

          The images or pictures of Tadasana poses are also available in this link. Please visit for more information, precautions, etc.

          For the clawed toes issue which is identified as a symptom of PD and not dystonia, my view is that one can just stand up on toes, raising heels slowly as much as possible using the hands to take support of a table or a horizontal bar. No need to raise hands above the head or walk. At least not until you are comfortable with standing without taking any support.

          Please consult your physiotherapist  or doctor if you have injury or other medical conditions related to your foot.

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      Ravindra Kango

      I don’t see option to edit my previous reply hence added new reply.

      I also observed that when I had clawed toes, one simple trick helped often: Wear soft sleepers or thick socks while walking and standing up indoor and use soft leather sandals or shoes for walking outdoors.

      The Tadasan and walking indoor few yards in that position apart from correcting the clawed toes, also helps to improve balancing.

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      Does he have a physical therapist? I saw a webinar where a doctor said everybody with PD should have a physical therapist on their care team. I just saw a physical therapist today for the first time for some foot issues.

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        And, if you can get a physical therapist who specializes in neurological issues like PD, that would be best. If you’re in an area that offers that.

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      Kathleen Kucik

      I also have claw toes due to dystonia, not dyskinesia. I have been given rounds of Botox every three months for the past two years with varying success. I am now anticipating a second DBS , this time to the GPI with an anticipated 70% reduction in dystonia of my foot and lower leg. No promises proffered relative to improved walking.

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      Marilyn Crossley

      I have mild issues with claw toes but still uncomfortable walking. I got Hammer toe separators that prevent my toes from curling under. It seems to be helping (Only trying for a couple of months). I can walk more comfortably.

      I got the gel pads from Amazon.
      Dr. Frederick’s Original 4 Piece Hammer Toe Treatment Set – Soft Gel Splints to Prevent Overlap https://a.co/d/1ygFoTP

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      Andrew Bell

      Hi Paulette and everyone on this forum

      This short video describes the exercises given to me that have helped greatly.

      If the link doesn’t work, paste it into your browser or search Hammertoe Stretch and Mobilisation on YouTube.  The company is called Correct Toes.   There are numerous others too.


      Hope that brings some relief.






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      Marilyn Crossley

      Thanks Andrew great Video! I will definitely be trying it out😄

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