• Russ Hudson posted an update 2 years, 11 months ago

    Hello. Last September 2018, after months (a couple of years) of my left thumb twitching, general jumpiness, feeling hot, slow movement on my left side, movement dreams, anxiety and depression (more recent), difficulty with my handwriting, balance issues ….. I Googled the symptoms of Parkinson’s. Yep, I was a match.

    I then Googled latest and greatest treatments for Parkinson’s. I found an article for taking Butyric acid supplements to treat the underlying cause, not the symptoms, of Parkinson’s. Well, it worked. I am cured.

    • hi russ, that is great. much has been written about the ‘gut’ connection with PD. how long did you take supplements for and what dosage(s) before you saw results?

      • I’m still taking the supplements, two servings per day (six pills per serving). I saw immediate results. One article I read said it will take 6-9 months for the healing to be done. Yep.

        • yikes, 6 pills per serving! I have stopped taking supplements because i am having a problem swallowing. i will definitely look into butyric acid though.. thanks for your feedback.

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