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practiced some kind of medicine for 40 some years developed a tremor and then started passing out frequently from Low BP – lost over 100 pounds – all dairy carb sugar diet for cals and attempts to gain weight – finally changed to vegan – added good fats and nut butters and avocados to lots of veggies – been juicing for years with a salad or something in the evening – I take a ton of directed supplements – all of this is explained better at http://groups.yahoo.com/dietagainstdisease

I started the group to document my progress and give people hope that standard therapy is not all there is – hospice for 18 months to graduated with low blood pressure in the 60/30 range – that was 6 years ago and I’m doing better – got out of bed & the wheel chair and went from a walker to a cane – Parkinsons or Parkinsons Plus I don’t think really matters – I was told I had both cerebellar and parkinsonian types of multiple systems atrophy – a Parkinson’s Plus disorder!  I was given 6-8 years over 8 years ago and again – am walking and eating and talking better with minimal tremor usually only present when I get stressed – I am a vet with PTSD so – that happens but it is less frequent!  Have a look and see if you dont want to join the group and have a look at my list in the files section that details everything I’ve done and am doing – this is an autoimmune disease – mitochondrial dysfunction leading to weakness and dysautonomia tremor and falls is common and will become more common – the study about B1 and IVIG are also in the files section of the group!  Thats me and my last 10 years – ive seen many people succumb to this disease – its sad but does not have to happen the way it has!

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