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I was diagnosed with Parkinksons Disease at the age of 60, 9 months ago in February. I had been having issues for about 3 years with my left foot “slapping” or “flopping” when I walked. I had attributed the slapping to surgery I had had in that foot for a torn tendon 6 years before. I had also noticed that I was having “phantom” smells at random times. We would be in the library and I would smell charcoal cooking, or I would be out in the woods and smell a dirty baby diaper. Last September, I noticed my left shoulder becoming stiff and by December I had developed a frozen shoulder. Around the same time I developed tremors in my left hand. I went to different doctors for about 3 months because I knew something was wrong but I didn’t know what. I finally went to a neurologist who did some tests and suspected Parkinsons. He sent me for a DAT scan which which verified the diagnosis along with all of my symptoms. My father had Parkinsons and died of complications so in the back I my mind I did suspect it, I am an RN and presently continue to work full time as a Breast Cancer Nurse Navigator. I decided to seek out a Movement Disorder Specialist and I can say it was a great decision. I found one at the University Of Maryland in Baltimore. He presently has me on Cardbiopa/Levodopa and Requip 3 times a day. I seem to be doing well right now. The first month I was on the Carbidopa/Levodopa I was so nauseated I thought I was pregnant again at the age of 60 with 5th child (just kidding). But the nausea was over powering. I kept on the med and nowI no longer have the nausea, but my most annoying side affect from the medicine is that when I take it, I always smell this terrible odor that has a chemical/medicinal odor to it. It kind of haunts me at times but the medicine helps the symptoms so much that it’s worth taking. I have a supportive husband and 4 grown children who are all supportive. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep this disease at bay for as long as I can so I can see my grandkids grow up and I can be a positive part of their lives.

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