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  • Mary Klein / John Klein replied to the topic Firefighters with Parkinson's Disease in the forum Using our forums 5 months, 2 weeks ago

    Thanks Mike!  You live in a beautiful area – been there a few times for Conventions.

    Your input regarding your change in your exercising routine, upon the closure of gyms, and now a gradual return to your previous norm speaks volumes about the benefits of ‘activity’.  The Rock Steady Boxing classes here have also been banished from the gym so Zoom classes are taking place.  Of course, equipment is limited.  Hopefully the gyms will get the go-ahead soon.  We went to Phase 2 in the Niagara Region this week meaning outdoor patios, hair salons, shopping malls etc. can open.

    Firefighters with Parkinson’s is being studied thank goodness.  We responded to a survey, to this end, posted on the FB group – ‘We are Firefighters with Parkinson’s Disease’.  There are 24 members in the group.  You have some great info to share and they might appreciate it.

    Even though John’s diagnosis was only 1 year ago, we can trace the first symptoms back years – the loss of smell and unusual same-themed dreams of someone coming after him/us.  The tremor started almost two years ago.  Our recent consult with the Neurologist ended up with the conclusion that no medication is required at this time.  It is our understanding that it has a certain time span of efficacy.  We are trying to hold off on it until such times as either the tremor increases or spreads or doing regular activities is too compromised.  Members of the Rock Steady Boxing group have suggested that ‘older’ Neurologists favor holding off until necessary but younger graduates seem to go for meds right at diagnosis.  Any thoughts on this one way or the other?

    Well, time to get moving around here – nice to chat!


    Mary and John Klein


    • Hey Mary and John,

      I see a lot of parallels between your story and my Dad’s (diagnosed in 2013). Once he realized he had Parkinsons, he recognized a number of symptoms that were probably early indicators too. The main one was his loss of smell. Regarding medication, it’s interesting to hear how different people manage this process. I had the chance to go to one of my Dad’s neurology appointments a few months ago. And his doctor was very adamant that he take the required amount of medication. She said that there are no long term negative effects from increasing the dosage, and maintaining his quality of life right now is most important. Parkinson’s definitely isn’t a one size fits all kind of disease. And he loves Rock Steady too. It’s interesting to hear your experience throughout this process. Thank you for sharing.

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