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I was diagnosed in April of this year. (2022). I am 68 years of age. I have had signs since I was in my 30’s. Mostly slight tremors that would go dormant and hardly noticeable. Last January we moved cities in Colorado, getting back to the City. Just in the nick of time. I woke up in February of 2022 with tremors in my hands, feet and sometimes legs. Because of the symptoms I have, the doctors are indicating this could be just Parkinson’s or Essential Tremor or both. At the time the tremors were the only symptoms at the time. My balance is excellent so far, nothing wrong with gait.  Handwriting is fine. The C&L meds are working well and to look at me you would not think I had Parkinson’s. I am also taking propranolol. This was prescribed by my GP for the Essential Tremor or what he thought was Essential Tremor.  I am still taking this drug. I almost hate to say this, but I have not had any “freeze” moments so far. I now do have some soreness in my muscles but usually if I get up and exercise it goes away for the day. Sometimes I fear waking up in the mornings for fear of change. I have a friend with most likely Stage 5 Parkinson’s and is not doing well at all. So that is hard to watch.  Anyway, looking for answers. Aren’t we all.

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