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  • Joe Ferguson replied to the topic Were you an athlete before diagnosis? in the forum Parkinson's Disease and exercise 1 year, 1 month ago

    I was a two-letter athlete every year in school. Then was a full time army ROTC cadet in college academy (Va Tech), then nine years in the army including airborne school. I was always in good running shape. About age 35 I started having serious episodic progressive trouble with my back every couple years. I live on an old fashioned farm and did all that hands on, strenuous, he man work without benefit of much modern machinery, and loved the challenge, “I can do/lift it!” I thus let go of deliberate, non-chore type exercise for years until I had my corrective back surgery in Jan 2018, then during recovery in May I was dx with PD. I had planned to get in shape anyway after my back repair, but then PD dx really got me going, to survive at all! I’ve faithfully been doing my power walking for an hour three times per week since then. Retired early at 57 last month and am getting back into weight training too. I’m thankful I know how to train and learned the self discipline early in life though it was always a team thing back then. Now, out in rural America I’m on my own to exercise, but feel I have the background to make myself persevere and not quit. So far my physical symptoms are not bad but the ED and MCI and other subtle things are progressing that o can perceive inside. I hope to delay the wolf at the door. My kids are still in public school.

    • Joe, I value athletics as well. I find that they keep me grounded. And sweating helps me manage stress. Do you have a favorite kind of exercise? And how old are your kids? I’d imagine that my Dad feels the same about us 🙂 We still rough house a little bit occasionally. But we’re totally grown (he has six kids, ranging from age 21-32). Maybe you can negotiate some quiet hours with them.

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