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  • I need space and privacy. I need all strangers to wear a mask and stay 6 ft. away. I do not need visitors in my home; I’ll visit with you on the patio or the porch, in the park or other outdoor space.

    The first few weeks this all started I was confused and scared and lonely. I wanted a hug and to be told everything will be alright. All my anticipated trips and activities came crashing to CANCELLED. Now that I have adjusted, I know no comforting will be coming as everyone is in the same boat, so I deal with it. I am retired so have not lost a job or income. I have my own projects and am investigating new ones. If I absolutely need a ‘third hand’, I have trusted friends who will come over to help. I do participate in a few Zoom meetings, talk or text with friends, and sometimes participate in outdoor church services.

    I listen to my neighbors playing with their children out in the yard, the folks across the street who are remodeling, and I speak to my neighbors unmasked but across the fence. I am not sad or particularly lonely and appreciative of the extra amount of uninnterupted time I now have. I am content and willing to deal with what I have to. Just Please wear a mask and keep your social distance! I would still like to go back to hugs someday.

    • Thanks for sharing Jacque. I’ve found a bit of peace during this time too. How have you been filling this uninterrupted time of yours lately?

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