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  • Hi Mary-Beth, thanks for sharing your dad’s reactions. I neglected to say among my first responses was to embark on a journey around half the world… impulsive behaviour? Anyway, my theory goes like this. I have two brothers-in-law with PD, one dead already and the other in advanced state. Not related by blood. Although my mother and one of her brothers both had Alzheimers in their 80s. I am still in my 60s. So my theory goes like this: back in the day when i was still a journalist, we worked on stories about dentists and others polluting the water supply with stuff not filtered out or treated by chlorine. The dentists in Montreal, where I and my two brothers-in-law were born and raised, habitually flushed dental amalgam into the sewers. Now that’s not commonly used any more, but it is composed of heavy metals, like mercury, silver and  copper – which my neurologist has told me is linked to PD.So we grew up drinking city water we thought was clean but had all these toxic heavy metals, and nowadays things like Prozac and other drugs people flush down the toilet. Never dispose of pharmaceuticals that way, folks! Anyway it would be interesting to find out how much amalgam made it into the water supply of cities across North America, and has this practice ended? I mean it’s 50% mercury, and we know what mercury can do to you… or do we? So that’s my theory: we got it from drinking water….

    • Wow! What a terrifying theory. And as someone who grew up about 40 minutes outside of Flint, Michigan, your story hits home. Whatever the cause, I’m sorry you’re dealing with the result. And thank you for sharing your story.

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