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  • Hi Jean, very quickly, I keep reading about pomegranate juice cleansing build up in arteries etc. So I was wondering if that can break down deposits before they build up? Amyloid build-up is still something I don’t fully understand; I had read that removing it made things worse but I think that was regarding drugs that might have had side effects. Also a really good site you may already be familiar with for peer reviews of nutritional medical papers with a team who answer nutrition queries is nutritionfacts.org
    It is a wonderful source of fact checked research!

    • hi carole, try it, nothing to lose…Bottom line, I do not believe there is a cure and I believe there is nothing to stop the progression. unfortunately there are a lot of scammers with claims that give us false hope.. Also, being the cynic I am, I believe if there was a cure, big pharma has too much to lose if a naturally occurring remedy was brought to the forefront. that is why i try to keep it simple, diet, exercise, reduce stress…

      I love that website, I know of dr. Greger, he is quite the character 🙂

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