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The homepage for each community site. Flexible to add/remove sections depending on the breadth and depth of topics and content types on each site.

Column Landing
Use the Column Landing page to provide an overview of each Columnist: including their bio and what to expect in the column coverage, and a feed of their most recent posts.

Collection Page
Use this template to curate packages of content around a specific topic. Think of it as a hub that could house News, Columns, Health Insights, or even evergreen pages of related content (e.g. package all content around COVID-19 and the disease, or a new drug that got approved).

Topic Index Page
Use Topic Index pages to organize evergreen content at the highest level such as “About” the disease or “Treatments.” This page complements the navigation with a more scannable view of what’s inside that Topic area. Cards provide an overview of each subcategory, with links to individual detail pages.

Editorial Index
Used as an overview page to view all articles (by recency) of a given type of editorial: News, Columns, or Health Insights.

Evergreen detail page
Use this template for evergreen content that doesn’t care about recency: detail pages about the disease, diagnoses, causes, living with the disease, treatments, etc.