• Scott Milstein replied to the topic How do you answer, "How are you?" in the forum Living ​With​ ​Parkinson's Disease 2 years, 6 months ago

    Hi Ally, I don’t mind answering at all. There are a few people who do know. I’ve been telling them as I see them. Since I work for my Brother in law, him and his wife know. I have told some of our closest friends. ( interestingly they all were fighting back tears and I’m telling them have faith because I’m doing everything to fight it).
    It’s not really that I’m trying to be private. My main concern is that I have 87 year old parents and 85 year old in laws. They , of course have their own issues. I don’t want to give them more to handle. I do limp from PD but they buy it being my back because I’ve has a few back issues. The day may come that I have to tell them but for now I feel I need to do that even though it’s hard. ( my PT, who also has PD never told his mom. I know someone who told his parents he was going to a convention when he had heart surgery). I’ve told those who know please never put it on Facebook because even in their 80’s my parents and in laws look at that.

    • Hey Scott, My Dad (diagnosed in 2013) has always been very private about who he tells too. He’s at the point where his immediate circle knows and a handful of friends know too. When you told your close circle about PD, did you feel a relief?

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