• @jean-mellano
    Hi Jean. Thanks for your message. She has had bad dreams prior to Zoloft. We do go for walks in the evening when i get home from work but with the weather getting poor we have not. She does get on treadmill but i have to push her sometimes. Her biggest problem is she just doesn’t have any mojo , usually has a poor attitude.

  • @jean-mellano – where do I write posts? There are question sI would like to answer but can’t find where to do that?

    • hi michael
      go to https://parkinsonsnewstoday.com/forums/
      clik on a category that pertains to your topic; eg A​ ​Forum​ ​for​ ​Parkinson’s Disease ​Caregivers​ or Diagnosis​ ​Information​ ​and​ ​General​ ​Questions
      scroll to bottom and you should see Create New Topic

      lmk if this makes sense

  • Helen posted an update 8 months, 2 weeks ago

    @jean-mellano Well I’ve been receiving weekly injections of Exenatide and believe me it’s making a difference. I’m stronger, longer “on times “. It’s taken a long time to get to this stage. Tried it for about 8 months then stopped it for 3 months but then began to feel worse so realised it had to have a positive effect so tried it again and w…[Read more]

    • Helen
      I am so sorry for your loss and the challenges you are facing. You certainly have had more than your fair share of obstacles to deal with. Though I am happy to hear you are seeing some positive results with exenatide. Australia seems to be way ahead of he US in terms of options for PD patients.

  • @jean-mellano thank you for your support. I do have an advocate and Brit has been great. Just hard being nowhere makes it a long drive for some. I’m sure something will come up. Does anyone else have terrible pain with PD? My PCP moved out of state; been my dr knows me so well for about a decade. I miss him! This over-reaction to o…[Read more]

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