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  • About a year ago, I noticed that I was getting really stiff in the morning. When I would take walks with my wife, I found it hard to keep up. So I scheduled a physical. All of my tests came through as perfectly normal, I did a treadmill stress test which also came out normal, but for some reason the doctor suggested that I see a neurologist and she said she would explain more after I saw him. but I was feeling really good about the fact that all my tests came out really good. It was after seeing the neurologist that I found out that they suspected that I had Parkinsonism. I have no visible tremors at this point. I do have a little shake in my jaw when I do anything that takes dexterity. My gait has changed and has become a little stiffer. Sometimes I don’t lift my left foot as much as I should when I walk. When I raise and lower my left arm, it sort of feels like it’s ratcheting instead of moving smoothly. I’ve also noticed a twitch below my right eye that has a tempo of its own and comes and goes randomly. I’m trying to exercise more and have been using some free weights at least every other day. Sometimes I find myself lacking motivation to get going in the morning and have to force myself to get moving. Once I get involved in something I’m just fine. Another thing I have found is that I cry at the drop of a hat! And I don’t mean just tearing up, I start full-blown sobbing when I experience something sad like in a movie run the news oh, it’s just crazy. It also happens doing experiences of joy. Fortunately, at this point, I can still function fairly normally and I just work  through these issues right now.

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