• Sharon Fisher posted an update 1 year ago

    Akathisia to Tony. I am having dyskensia now and wonder if it could be partly akathisia. I can’t take Amantadine because of side effects. I am being evaluated for DBS.

    • Hi Sharon. I saw your comment about Amantadine. Before PD, I had taken that for years as I was getting lung problems from colds and had pneumonia a few times. But when I took one Amantadine daily for a couple of days, I got better really quick, so I called it my miracle drug. Then about 5 years ago, I noticed it was causing me to be shakey and now am wondering if I had PD a long time ago with no other symptoms. My PD doctor doesn’t know why it make me shake now also. But since I moved two years ago, just about an hour from my previous home, I have very bad allergies making me sick enough I have to take the Amantadine to stop it. You said you were having side effects. If you don’t mind sharing, I wonder if they were the shaking? I am also having a lot of short term memory, which scares me, yet my brain showed no real problems there, according to my doctor. The best to you Sharon.

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