• Andrea posted an update 2 years ago

    I am puzzled. I saw a neurologist ; I assume because of Covid, she did not receive examine me at all other than to watch me walk. From that , she diagnosed Parkinson’s. She gave me a sample of Ritary to which I had absolutely zero response. Then she prescribed Sinemet, also zero response except nausea. I spoke to her on the phone, told her that I had no response. She said to stop taking it. My insurance company declined an MRI of my brain. Because I was diagnosed with ANCA associated vasculitis , she thought I may be having pin prick bleeds in the brain. I think an MRA or a DAT scan would have been a better choice of testing. I do have hand tremors, but not all the time. I was falling a lot but the falling has stopped and so has shuffling. I seriously wonder if I do have PD. My father was diagnosed with PD, and when he moved to a retirement community, the consulting neurologist found it unbelievable that he had no increase in dosing in 12 years. With my father’s permission, he suggested not taking the Sinemet theorizing that if he indeed had Parkinson’s, he would crash. He stopped it and nothing happened. He did not have PD. My symptoms have stopped. I do not fall anymore, my tremors are limited and do not interfere with use of my hands. I am slow, but have no other symptoms. I am 73. I did have 2 blood relatives, my father’s sister who did have PD and my maternal grandfather was diagnosed very late in life, well into his 70’s and died shortly thereafter. There is vascular Parkinson’s which would fit with my diagnosis of vasculitis. I have been on steroids for 4 years and tapered down from 16mg to 3 mg. I have not seen another neurologist. Virtually all symptoms have stopped except for cautious walking. Any opinions.? Thanks for listening.

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