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      Jean Mellano

      I believe there are so many “little things” I never gave a second thought to in the past that I now can no longer do since having PD, such as:

      1. Putting on a seat belt
      2. Folding sheets
      3. Putting a contour sheet on the bed
      4. Putting my left arm in the sleeve of a jacket

      What “little thing(s)” do you miss?

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      Crystal Belle

      I miss being able to get in my car and go get groceries and supplies. Not on medications yet, live alone, so had to call my ex husband to drive me to appointments and to the store. My legs aren’t working long enough now, so am making a list and giving him a check from my checkbook this time. My vision, legs and hands aren’t working together enough for me to remain independent. A PT come twice weekly, I’m exercising, but he said it will get worse?

      I miss cleaning my house, as it’s getting bad.

      I miss being myself.

      I miss being fearless most of all. This is all new to me.

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      Jean Mellano

      I am so sorry Crystal for your struggles.  I too live alone, although I still am independent.  Remember, the disease progresses at different rates in everyone.  I have learned not to dwell on what my future prospects may be with PD.  Movement is key in my life and I practice it every day as I believe it is a very powerful remedy for PD symptoms and progression.  I have also found that acceptance, attitude and gratitude have helped me.  I wrote a blog about that and will share the link here.  I hope it can help you. too.

      I am glad you reached out.  I too miss being myself and being fearless.  But, I have a new reality now and try not to fight that fact.   Thank you for sharing.

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