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      Mary Beth Skylis

      I’ve often felt that Parkinson’s is a thief. It steals my Dad’s ability to stay independent, to walk freely, and many other things. I’ve heard others say similar things. What has Parkinson’s stolen from you? How have you learned to overcome some of the challenges that it creates?

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      it’s given me the Musical Chairs game in my senior years. Unlike playing the game as a child, Parkinson’s takes over your body and you’re the one left standing. Movement cannot be guaranteed 24/7 so either I pop more meds or have a wheelchair near me.  There’s no warning. I’m a Nicad battery-my body STOPS without warning. It’s a real challenge to go out to a store and feel confident I can make it out of the store. 

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      Paul Hojuson

      It has robbed me of my independence and has forced me to confront my mortality in ways I never expected. I had a wonderful lifestyle, now I have to develop in new ways—more challenging and frustrating. I have to rely on other people more. I have to pay attention to finances more. I have to be more assertive and patient to do almost anything. Every activity takes twice as long and planning always seems absolutely essential.

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      Jeffery Hill

      I’ve lost speed (I am SO slow at everything) and endurance (can work no more than 4 hours a day).

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