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      “TPS” from Austria from Storz Medical The device is called: “Neurolith”
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      Transcranial pulse stimulation (TPS®) is a newly approved therapy option that is successfully used in mild and moderate Alzheimer’s dementia. The aim of TPS® is to regenerate the patient’s cognitive abilities and to maintain them for as long as possible. According to the clinical studies that have been carried out, medical practice has shown that TPS® is effective, long-lasting and free of side effects.

      At the end of the month I have 6 treatment appointments, after which I will report!

      In Germany there are now 6 doctors who use it and the number is increasing!

      It should work even better with Parkinson’s disease than with dementia and Alzheimer’s!

      Greetings from Germany!


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      Habib nazarian

      is TPS approved and available in the US?

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      Übersichtskarte (

      On the homepage of “” the USA is not yet there. Currently the following countries are involved: Germany, England, Spain, Kuwait, Indian. It will certainly come to the USA soon.

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      Clive Varejes

      Wow, sounds amazing.

      Are the trials open to all, or is it still a closed group?

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      George Kapetanakis

      We can’t wait for your update. It sounds great and thank you.


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      <span class="Y2IQFc" lang="en">Hello, 
      here are the results of the three treatments that I have carried out.
      1. PS128 probiotic for the intestinal microbiome, I have been taking this twice a day since July 15, 2021.
      Probiotic as Add-on Treatment Seen to Aid Patients in Small Study
      2. Neurolith TPS, origin: Austria, 6 treatments (costs approx. 3,500 euros) from September 29, 2021 to October 6, 2021, refreshments as required TPS | NEUROLITH - Kröner Medizintechnik ( 3. Symbyx Biome - PDCare Laser from Australia, start of treatment on 09/20/2021 every two days PDCare Laser From October 9th, 21st - October 22nd, 21st I received homeopathic treatment including meditation. Has brought me mentally again and am in good spirits that it is having an effect. </span>
      <span class="Y2IQFc" lang="en">Result until October 29, 2021
      I don't want to keep Parkinson's and will mobilize my energy to let it go away again.
       My mood has improved significantly and I am currently no longer depressed! But it can also have something to do with the fact that I have accepted the current situation.
      I can put my left hand back in my trouser pockets better, it was difficult before.
      When I turn my hands outwards, I now tremble a little more.
      The right hand was added, but it only trembles minimally.
      Based on the diagnosis from December 2020, my symptoms are barely progressing.</span>
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