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      Kevin Schaefer

      Hey everyone! Hope you all had a safe and relaxing weekend. For those here in the U.S., I wish you all a good Memorial Day.

      So, as states and other places around the world begin to reopen, I wanted to get your thoughts. I don’t want to start anything political here. Rather, I’m just curious if anyone here feels comfortable going out some, or if you’re going to remain on lockdown.

      For me personally, I’m ok seeing immediate family, and I’ll resume physical therapy in June. However, I’m not even thinking about going to restaurants or other public places anytime soon. My parents and I have acclimated ok to quarantine life.

      What are your thoughts on this issue? Are you loosening your restrictions, or remaining on total lockdown?

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      Jo S.

      I’m not comfortable going out. There are still too many unanswered questions and no overarching guidance or directives in place. I will go grocery shopping, go to the pharmacy, or get take-out from a restaurant occasionally, but that’s about it. The experts say there will be a second wave, or a second peak, and I don’t want to take any chances. As states have begun to reopen and people gather en masse without masks or distancing, new cases of the virus erupt. I don’t want to be one of those statistics.

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      Patricia B Wargo

      I agree with continuing to stay at home, but will be a much happier individual if I am able to see my grandchildren and reschedule some of the social activities with small groups, masks and distancing.  I’m willing to take  a risk with close friends and family.

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      I have not gone into any indoor space outside of my home, since March 14th.  My wife and I have not socialized with others.

      We enjoy walking in our neighborhood and now that our beaches are open (Delray Beach, FL), we  beach walk in uncrowded spots.  I don’t plan to go shopping (all my groceries have been delivered); I don’t plan on eating in restaurants or cafes., I don’t plan on visiting  friends, UNTIL  the new diagnosis curve declines for two weeks.

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      Russell Dean Boyer

      I can’t wait to get out to restaurants, etc.  I am 81 and have PD, so what do I have to lose? At most I have a few more years of being able to go out and travel and enjoy life. Hiding at home is not much of a life so it is now or never. If I lose the gamble, so be it.

      If I were younger the equation might be different and I  don’t judge those who feel differently.




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      Mary Beth Skylis

      Russell, which restaurant are you most excited to return to?

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      Russell Dean Boyer

      Personally I want to go to Nombei, an Izakaya here in Honolulu.  Their food is quite authentic for a place outside Japan. Then there is Arancino in the Kahala Hotel, Nobu, Rigo…..the list goes on and on.



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      Jeffery Hill

      I intend to continue to social distance even if my province (Ontario) opens further.  I really miss the gym, but I can’t imagine a more risky proposition at this time.  Fortunately it’s finally summer and there are lots of ways to exercise ALONE!

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      Mary Beth Skylis

      Will you continue to dine in? Or try to minimize contact and get carry out?

      These are questions I’ve been asking myself too. Is it the social experience that I crave? Or the food?

      Jeffrey- I miss the gym too. That has been my biggest adjustment. But I’ve heard that many locations are coming up with ways to create social distancing even within gyms.

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      Jo S.

      We’re planning on dining in or occasionally getting take-out. While I used to love going out to restaurants, wearing a mask and distancing from other diners takes the appeal out of it.

      I miss the gym (and my Rock Steady group), but I wouldn’t go back for at least a year. Fortunately, I’ve been able to come up with alternative workouts at home. It’s certainly not the same experience, but I feel a whole lot safer.

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