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    My Dad has been diagnosed with PD. He has been on so many different pills with the most frequent being carbilev. He recently went on to stalevo but his behaviour became erratic. The doctor then put him back onto carbilev but at a higher dosage and his hallucinations, dry mouth and erratic behaviour went worse. This might be a loaded question but what experiences have any of you had with medication? What do you believe works? What about herbal remedies like cannabis oil? Thanks

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    Avesh, have you looked into a second opinion?

    For me (I am on 3mg Neupro patch and (2.5) 25/100 carbilev twice a day) it is a question of feeling bad (on meds) or feeling very bad (off meds).  I believe exercise or any kind of movement has helped me the most in alleviating my symptoms.    Can your Dad exercise or go to physical therapy?  I have tried CBD oil but I dont think  it has  done anything for me.  Beware there are a lot of scammers out there that proclaim they have a cure for PD.  I have found this website to have a lot of useful info and they offer a free digital download of a manual that covers PD from A-Z.  https://www.davisphinneyfoundation.org/

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