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      Mary Beth Skylis

      On some days, my dad wakes up feeling enthusiastic and strong. On others, he sleeps poorly and spends the waking hours in a state of exhaustion. How do you manage your low-energy days? Do you ever nap? Do you take a break from your exercise routine?

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      Clive Varejes

      I know the feeling.

      I actually force myself to go to gym or cycle, and that actually makes me feel more energetic.

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      Louis Comitini

      If I workout, walk slow jog or some type of movement, I generally feel much better and less sluggish during the day.  It’s a brutal feeling but once in a while I go for a 15 minute to a half hour rest, which usually brings me closer to my next medication and feel better eventually.  When I sleep poorly I always feel like crap during the day.  For me a good sleep and exercise is the key to having a better day, even a walk outside makes me feel better.

      Love to all of you with PD and all our friends and family who help us have a better day/week/month

      Louis Comitini Hudson Quebec Canada

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      I have found nicotine to be an amazing help in concentration and energy both. But never through smoking. Nicotine in the form of gum or lozenges.. I recommend “Lucy Gum” or lozenges. I have also found that methylene blue is excellent for increased energy. The only real downside is a Smurf tongue. But if you are masking for Covid NBD.

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        Clive Varejes

        Strange, I’ve never heard of that before, but as we have slightly differing symptoms different things work for us.

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      Garry Maxfield

      On low energy days I push to keep my regular routine; I find the more active I am, (within reason), the better I feel. While everyone will have different degrees and different lifestyles, walking up and down steps and keeping up my archery is both mentally and physically helpful in my situation

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      Marlene Donnelly

      I have found that caffeinated mints (comes as gum too) help.  Drinking a cup of coffee bothers my stomach, but I have no problem with these.  I use the Viter Energy brand that is online.  Their sample pack is inexpensive, and once I found I liked them, the offers available make the cost of these mints very reasonable.

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      When I have a low energy day, I am useless. I’ve tried to push myself & break through the sluggishness which for me has always resulted in a physical accident, or messes to clean up because of my clumsiness. My low energy even makes it difficult to transfer & pushback in my wheelchair.

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