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      Mary Beth Skylis

      My Dad jokes that he takes a cocktail of medications to keep Parkinson’s at bay. And while they certainly serve a purpose, some of them come with unwanted consequences. Have you experienced odd side effects from medication? If so, which ones worried you the most? And did you choose to stop taking that medication?

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      Michelle Lane

      Yes, Artane.  Couldn’t remember when I was trying to communicate and starting to hallucinate.  Titrated down from 1 tablet three times a day to a half tablet three times a day and noticed an immediate improvement.  Three weeks later I quite taking completely and I would say my memory is back 95%, no more hallucinations and my head is totally clear.  What a refreshing change.

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      Dyskinesia is the unwanted side effect from synthetic dopamine. The involuntary
      movements that are broad swings of the legs or torso, like what you see Michael J Fox doing when his meds are on a downward trend. My husband gets this: his toes curl (involuntary), his right leg swings in broad circles. This combination forces him to walk on the side of his foot, and its hard to watch. Sometimes he’s even tripped his own self by the one out-of-control leg swinging around and grabbing the stable foot.

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