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      Jean Mellano

      has anyone tried Nourianz? side effects? did it help?

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      John Cox

      Hi Jean;

      I was prescribed Nourianz about a month ago – and so far no side effects! I think it has been helping, although I am still working and my stress level during the work week has been causing extra symptoms. I am going to change the time of day I am taking it to see if that helps.


      So far I have nothing negative to report.



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      Jean Mellano

      john, thnk you for your response.   someone else also told me she thinks it was helping her but she wasnt sure.  i may give it a shot

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      I was prescribed Nourianz (istradefylline) 20 mg a few months ago. I use it sparingly, only about one or two days per week, as needed for severe “off” episodes that do not respond to the highest doses of levodopa I can take without causing dyskinesia. I do not use Nourianz every day, as prescribed, because:
      1) Nourianz seems to exacerbate my chronic constipation, which can be very severe and has resulted in fecal impaction, in the past. To reduce this risk, I increase my daily dose of Miralax, prunes, wheat bran, water, etc, when taking Nourianz.
      2) Nourianz is extremely expensive for me, even with the highest-cost Medicare D plan I have
      3) Nourianz also seems to exacerbate my chronic insomnia
      Overall, Nourianz 20 mg taken once does seem effective at improving the bradykinesia, weakness, rigidity and generalized feeling of extreme awfulness which are my “off” symptoms. It generally takes effect within about an hour, and the benefit lasts for several hours. I have not exceeded 20 mg total dose on any day.
      WARNING: I do not advise or recommend that you take or not take Nourianz, or any other therapy. Please discuss any medications with your physician.

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      Jean Mellano

      thank u david for your response.  i think i am going to give it a shot…

Viewing 4 reply threads
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