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      Daniel Beinart

      My wife, a PWP, is experiencing frequent fainting spells, which we believe may be due to low blood pressure. I would appreciate hearing from/about others who have experienced the same, and anything that might help reduce the occurrences.

      Until we solve the problem (which may be never), my wife has given up driving, but I’m afraid of even more, like her just being home alone without someone (me mostly) being around to keep her safe. Has anyone been successful with any devices, like a smart watch, that can provide a notification of a fall?

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      Robin King

      My husband has fainted several times also due to low blood pressure . Hydration is important . I got him a smart watch and it lets me know if he’s fallen . I’m nervous about this since he golfs a lot.

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      Daniel Beinart

      Hi Robin,


      Thanks for your input.  I’d like to know which smart watch your husband uses, if you’re willing to share that information.

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      My husband was diagnosed with Orthostatic Hypotension a few years before his diagnosis for PD in 2017. He takes his blood pressure at least a few times per day, more so on days when his BP is low. When it is low, we start with a tall glass of water to be sure he is hydrated. Then, he eats a bowl of potato chips, for the salt. Next, a glass of caffeinated cola. Those 3 things tend to trigger drowsiness, so he will nap. That usually cures the dizziness. This past month, he gave up his driver’s license, although he hasn’t actually driven in over two years.

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      Brenda Reese

      My husband takes 4mg Fludrocortisone at breakfast to combat dizziness that would lead to fainting. If he still feels lightheaded, he sits in his recliner for 15-30 min with eyes closed. Then, he is usually able to function alright the rest of the day. He is stage 3 PD, age 69. Diagnosed early 2016, but had symptoms probably 10 years before diagnosis.

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      Garry Bodenham

      The  first time I took medication (Rasagilene) I fainted, but I have had no problems with Sinemet.

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      I am a PWP and live on my own. I have fainted only once. The things that I’ve put in place for preventing future incidents are – monitoring my blood pressure, ensuring that I’m well hydrated (drinking a full glass of water with each dose of meds really helps this), sitting on the side of bed for a few minutes before getting up, and being careful not to bend over to pick things up – a pick up stick really helps with this by allowing me to retrieve things from the floor without bending, also eating regularly helps too.

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      Beth T Browne

      Hi Daniel. Your wife is lucky to have you. I have been alone a very long time, so I am pretty good at managing, even with Parkinson, so far.

      I have an Apple Watch which I got about 2 yrs ago. It does detect falls, and is much better for me then those things around you neck you pay for forever. It also tells me when my pulse is over 100, as I have a leaky heart valve. I love my watch.

      I have high blood pressure so fainting has not been a problem for me but once three years ago. I was standing at home over my Ipad and laid down quickly. I did not know I had Parkinson at that time. My heart doctor thought it was my heart, but we now believe it was PD. Back then both my heart doctor and my PD doctor said to eat a little more salt to keep the pressure up. I have not had to do that since my blood pressure is generally all over the board. I do take meds for it, and he doesn’t want to increase them for fear I will pass out. That is all I have to share at this time. I do hope your wife can find a solution that works for her.

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      I had the same problems with modapor. My doctor themn took me off the pressure tablets and since then I have had no problems. See your doctor if you are on bold high pressure tablets.


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      I suffered from Orthostatic Hypotention. My neurologist had me take my blood pressure several times a day. When I feel light-headed I drink a cup of beef broth.

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      It definitely sounds like orthostatic hypotension, Use a blood pressure machine. Take your pressure sitting, then standing, remain standing and take bp again after 3 minutes. Typically bp will drop 10-20 units, mine dropped 50! Talk to your neurologist or heart doctor.

      The reason fainting occurs is to overcome gravity so blood flow can return to normal.

      1.Important to stay hydrated.

      2.Dr. can prescribe midodrine, this did not work for me because I experienced side effects.

      3.You can instead use salt tablets-3x a day (I took it more times).

      Eventually you will be able to feel your bp  is dropping, I would feel light headed so I know I had to immediately at minimum hydrate.

      Thankfully, I no longer have a problem!

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