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      Mary Beth Skylis

      This week, my heart broke into a bunch of fragments when I observed my Dad’s cognitive decline. During one particular conversation, I tried to explain to him what a “Sherpa” is in three different ways. I spent some time in Nepal previously, and he has always followed my journeys religiously. So the concept of a “Sherpa” wasn’t new to him. But this time, some of the details eluded him. He’s not quite as pointy and precise as he used to be, and I’m wondering if it’ll get easier to witness the decline? Or how might we find ways to manage the sadness when we see it?

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      As one of those ‘in decline,’ (no sarcasm intended), I offer the observation that cognitive prowess can vary greatly in the same person.  Clearly, everything is slower and just as emotion effects tremor, emotion can cloud ideation and the use of common sense.  Then there is vitamin d, hydration, wearing off, fatigue etc. There is still a person ‘in there.’  Can you engage your Dad in a discussion re this? My daughter gets intense, my son responds with humor.  I am grateful that the topic is out in the open.

      Your dad may have forgotten ‘sherpa,’ but he surely knows you love and care about him.  He is lucky to have you!

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      Very good topic Mary Beth,

      I suspect it is hard for some to share personal situations on this topic. You can’t undo what you might type if you have second thoughts on what you have sent. And we are all in a “let’s see how it goes” mode and not a “presume the worst” mode as a way of coping with this Parkinson’s visitor in our lives. This topic is not one that any of us want to have to discuss, especially early on because it falls into the latter category.

      I will say this about myself. I am into my third year of diagnosis of “Parkinsonism – “likely Idiopathic Parkinsons Disease”. Which I have always thought has been a little hint from my doc that I need to keep the possibility of a not so smooth course for my brand of this strange affliction on my list for planning purposes.

      I am now finding that I take two to three hours to do what I once thought I could easily do in 15 or 20 minutes.
      I am talking about repetitive work related tasks which require care and thoughtfulness. I am a professional in the financial world. Or was…

      So, have had to suddenly retire about three years ahead of the plan I was on just a year ago. I “feel” the same and I “think” I can do what I could before. But I clearly cannot. It is very difficult for those who know me to understand what I am going through. To them it just does not make any sense. To them, while I clearly don’t walk the same, I do talk the same, if you know what I mean.

      This is not the end of the world, just a variation to the Plan. Onwards and upwards!

      For what it’s worth.

      Thanks to all for sharing and best wishes to all.

      Robert C.

      For what it’s worth.


      Robert C.

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      You see! If I had just spent more time, I would have caught the two signatures!!

      If us PD people can’t laugh at ourselves, we are gonna have a tough life. Right?

      Robert C

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