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      Mary Beth Skylis

      I’ve always been a big believer that food can change our experience. When it comes to Parkinson’s, I’m not sure if that’s the case or not. Do you find that eating certain foods helps to reduce symptom severity? And, conversely, do certain foods exacerbate your symptoms?

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      Never thought about it. Will discuss with my support group tonight.

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      Rob Stehlin

      I say yes.  I have been able to regulate the frequency and intensity of  my iRBD with diet.  I eliminated gluten, lectins, sugars and dairy.  By doing so,  if have reduced my iRBD by as much as 80%. Current research connects frequency and intensity if iRBD with phenoconversion.  I am concentrating my research in this area and always looking to share.

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      Beth T Browne

      I have lost my sense of taste twice. The first time was a week before Thanksgiving last year. This time about three months ago. The first doctor I had said it would not come back, but it did. No luck so far this time. Therefore, it is hard liking any food.

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      Yes. As part of a keto diet, I eliminated gluten. I added it back during the pandemic because i wanted to be a good citizen around the house and not be such a picky eater. But the gas/bloating and brain fog that ensued was pretty bad.

      I tried the keto thing on my own, as a way to reduce generalized inflammation. But the benefits of dietary ketosis have been huge. Three examples: My anxiety is WAY down, basically eliminated. My mental acuity is improved. And my workouts at the gym do not leave me sore for two days.

      I think there is something behind the Braak hypothesis, that somehow PD starts in the gut. The keto thing is hard to maintain, but has been completely worth the effort. I can always tell when I’ve had too much gluten or sugar by my anxiety levels a 1/2 hour after consuming.

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      Rob Stehlin

      pdbill – i am with you and do the same to manage my iRBD, I just take it a bit further and regulate my lectins  (gluten is a lectin) the proteins extend into veggies and dairy – not just grains.   You can learn more and try it out but using the Dr Gundry diet.  I have been using it for a year with great success.   For anyone out there diagnosed with PD or Pre-PD, I always ask everyone to participate in my survey as I search for the real truth in PD. If you have taken the survey thank you so much as the information has been amazing. if not just click here  SURVEY (takes 5 min)

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      Anyone taking Carbidopa-Levodopa medication has probably already been informed that too much protein intake will reduce the efficacy of the medication, so that will certainly exacerbate symptoms, at least indirectly.

      More interestingly, maybe, I too have seen too many articles, many on this site, connecting gut health to Parkinson’s (as well as other chronic conditions) to doubt that it matters.

      (Edit: Damn… That’s some opaque writing. I’m too tired to fix it, but if someone needs me to clarify, let me know and I will.)

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