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     Jean Mellano 

    Since I have started taking generic carbidopa/levodopa, I have been experiencing what I call ‘controlled dyskinesia’ 3-4 hours after my last dosage. It typically dissipates prior to my next dosage.  It feels like my head and mouth want to move uncontrollably, but I seems to manage it so no one can see any movement.

    Have you ever experienced something similar?

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    I was on carbidopa levodopa for 2 weeks and discontinued because of the horrible side effects they caused me.  The meds will not be an option for me at this time, cannot function and feel worse than I do without!  I am boxing with Rock Steady Boxing for Parkinsons 3-4 days a week and the boxing has helped me with my balance, memory  and stamina. I am also practicing yoga to help with my stiffness.  I use medical marijuana before bed which helps me sleep without constantly moving my legs and CBD for my tremors during the day. So far, so good.  I will continue like this until my symptoms do not respond to my choices.  I am working on slowing down the progression.


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       Jean Mellano 


      thanks for sharing.  i hate the thought of taking drugs and now, finding out I am at the mercy of big pharma’s whims, it makes me even more adamantly against prescription drugs.  problem is, i feel really horrible without the drugs and only horrible with them.  what dosage of CBD do you use? do u  take it at set times during the day?

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