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      My husband has Parkinson’s disease and I was wondering if anybody has experience with taking collagen supplements and if it could help with gut health and regaining muscle strength?

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      Hi! Interesting question. I just started taking collagen powdered in orange juice every morning because my hair has been thinning a bit. I don’t think that’s related to the PD although maybe it is.  A friend suggested the collagen to me, and I asked my hairstylist and he seem to think it could be helpful.  It sounds like a pretty benign thing to take, so it couldn’t hurt to take it. Have you googled it in relation to PD?

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      Karla Burkhart

      I started taking it for thinning hair. I was told that the thinning hair was from PD. I’ve seen some success but I forget to take it since it needs to be mixed into liquids and drunk.

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        Marjorie Weiss

        You can also mix it in with oatmeal or into pancake batter or in baked goods. I also dissolve it in hot tea.

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      I’ve tried collagen three times.  I am having issues with my hips that may be connective tissue related (tendons and ligaments) and though the docs don’t attribute it to my PD, I was hoping that the collagen would help. Sadly, it doesn’t seem to have made a difference. The first time, I tried Great Lakes, the second time Vital Proteins Collagen peptides, neither with any noticeable benefits. I just finished a third round with Bubs Naturals because I got a free sample through Whole30 and figured maybe third time’s the charm…well, with this brand, I am noticing my nails seem slightly stronger. I may continue with their product just in case it needs a little more time.

      I say give it a try. Personally, I’d rather try supplements than more prescriptions with additional bad side effects.:)

      I DO find Vitamin D (5,000 MTU) and B vitamins particularly helpful for my energy. I also take glucosamine chondroitin.

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