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      Kerrie Halmi

      Periodically my arm freezes into a claw–I am in extreme pain and can’t move it.  I’ve found it can be brought on by cold weather (in spite of living in Oakland California; it tends to be when it’s below 60 and I am outside for a while) and stress.  I can’t function when this happens.  The only thing I have found that consistently helps is THC–edibles with 5mg THC do the trick, but make me too foggy to drive and/or do much of anything.  I’ve put this out to another support group and the only advice was to “wait it out”–not helpful if I need to go somewhere or do something.  Any insight?

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      Margie Baas

      I’m sorry, not much to say excpt what you’ve  already heard.

      My symptoms are relativaly mild still so i can wait them out.

      I am shakeing so bad i just cancelled a doctor’s appointment  because there is no way i can drive. I can barely stand up. It was a dentist appointment  to correct some of the damage done by a fall.

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      Hi Kerrie,
      This sounds like dystonia, which I experience. In my case, the levodopa helps and I really only experience it again if I’m having an off period. It may be that your levodopa dosage needs to be increased?

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      Lori DePorter

      Try allowing your arms and hands to dangle freely. My fingers lock when I cut meat or hold my hands in the same position. My sister is a Physical therapist and told me that trick.

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