Hi Everyone!

My name is Mary Beth. I’m a new Forum Moderator here. My Dad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2013, and he and I decided we’d like to share some of his experiences on my column on Parkinsons News Today. We’ve been learning about PD-related topics together for a few months now. It seems like talking about challenges might make handling them a little easier. And I’m always interested in finding ways to alleviate some of those obstacles.

I recently wrote a piece that talked about small changes you can make to ease day-to-day challenges for PD patients. What kind of strategies do you use to combat PD symptoms like tremors and rigidity? Have you made any adjustments in your household to make living with PD easier? What is the single-most useful tip you might offer someone who’s struggling with mobility?

  1. Ally 3 years ago

    Welcome, Mary Beth! Thanks for sharing your experience as a caregiver.

  2. laura seymour 3 years ago

    Hi Mary Beth!
    I couldn’t find how to answer your reply to my comment about foot pain. I haven’t solved the problem yet. I cover up with an extra thick fleece blanket and my dog. It does subside after about an hour. My neurologist mentioned that it may be Reynaud’s Disease, but from what I’ve read today, it doesn’t have anything to do with PD. It is very common in women. Oh, boy!!

    Welcome to this Forum!!!

    • Author
      Mary Beth Skylis 3 years ago

      Hey Laura!

      Thanks so much for your response. And thank you for the kind welcome 🙂 I’m sorry to hear about your foot pain. Hopefully you’ll find some strategies to help ease it soon. It’s amazing how effective cuddling your dog can be in these situations.

  3. Barbara Ernest 2 years ago

    I experience visual and auditory hallucination apparently as a result of my Meds. They have seem to gotten more frequent of late. Sometimes they cause me to take risks like climbing stairs without my spouse,being aware of it. Anyone with similar issues.

  4. Jack 2 years ago

    Parkie ,personally I do not like that term.


  5. E Greenwood 2 years ago

    How much exercise is sufficient for older patients, until they are exhausted, or feeling confident.

  6. Barbara 12 months ago

    Hi Mary Beth,

    I am also the caregiver for my husband who has parkinson’s and we are looking into detoxing as well. How are you going about this and are you also looking for those same metals in your home? Also, how did you find your Natural doctor? Is he just a Naturopathic Doctor or does he also use “traditional” methods? NOT looking for more drugs that don’t work. My husband is now trying acupuncture. Also have you heard of the B1 protocol? Or Restore Gold (tablets)? Thank you!!!

    • Author
      Mary Beth Skylis 11 months ago

      Hi Barbara,
      Thank you for your message! My dad says that his primary care physician referred him to a holistic doctor. I know that he drinks a lot of water to help to flush his system. He also uses several different mixes (with a variety of vitamins and minerals) that he takes with an eye dropper. So far, he has told me that he thinks his sense of smell has improved. As far as I’m aware, I don’t think that he has introduced any additional drugs into his lifestyle. I, personally, don’t know about the B1 protocol or the Restore Gold tablets. Is that something that’s in the same vein of exploration?

  7. John Citron 9 months ago

    There are many things that help.

    Establishing a time every day to take medication ensures the medication is always consistently at the right levels.

    I noticed that when I don’t hit the time right, due to sleeping a bit later than usual, or having an appointment and I don’t have meds with me, I feel off for the rest of the day. If I hit my schedule of 3x per day at 10 am, 4pm, and 10 pm, I feel my best.

    Remain stress free if possible.

    I posted a lengthy reply to the latest article from Dr. C on his approach to PD. I had gone through a whopper of a time with everything from a work schedule beyond work schedules to deaths in the family. Combine it all together and I was on more and more medication with no abating of symptoms. When all that ended, I relaxed and even with a small amount of medication I don’t feel as symptomatic as I once did.

    Doing what you can do and don’t push to do too much.

    I found that if I push myself, it leads to fatigue. Fatigue is not being tired, it’s beyond tired requiring hours and hours of sleep and rest to recover. I’ve experienced cognitive and executive function issues when extremely fatigued and ended up putting eggs in a metal pot in the microwave instead of on the stove!

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