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30 Days of PD: I’m Upbeat Despite ‘My Little Glitch’

Photo courtesy of Debbie Lucchesi Day 12 of 30 This is Debbie Lucchesi’s story: I have been active my whole life, from learning from my dad how to ski by standing on the front of his skis to being a runner in the Chicago Marathon. Originally, my profession was…

30 Days of PD: Deep Brain Stimulation Gave Me Back My Life

Photo courtesy of Christine Scheer Day 11 of 30 This is Christine Scheer’s story: On my 60th birthday, I received a life-changing phone call: My surgery for deep brain stimulation was scheduled for the following month! I was so happy and terrified that I cried…

30 Days of PD: I’ve Found That We’re Not Alone

Photo courtesy of Traci Caldwell Day 10 of 30 This is Traci Caldwell’s story: My Parkinson’s journey is a little complicated. Unique, some may say. It started July 2018 after I began a new medication that caused a seizure and left me with dystonic movements. Doctors said it would…

30 Days of PD: How Parkinson’s Affected My Life the Most

Photo courtesy of John Citron Day 9 of 30 This is John Citron’s story: Parkinson’s disease is a cruel monster that quietly takes away things we like to do. It ruins careers, and it destroys one’s soul bit by bit, subtly and insidiously, so that nothing can…

30 Days of PD: Parkinson’s Showed Me My Strength

Photo courtesy of Gauri Khare Day 3 of 30 This is Gauri Khare’s story: One fine morning, I was startled to find that my neck had become stiff and rigid. There was tightness in my left fingers. My actions had dramatically slowed and I was walking as though limping…

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