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30 Days of Parkinson’s: Finding My Purpose

Photo courtesy of Ann Perkins Day 30 of 30 This is Ann Perkins’ story: Yes, I did all the stuff suggested. I retired and got less stressed. I sleep well. I take all the meds — carbidopa/levodopa, amantadine, and supplements — that are officially found…

30 Days of Parkinson’s: Deciding to Go Forward with DBS

Photo courtesy of Anthony Salas Day 29 of 30 This is Anthony Salas’ story: On Monday, June 22, 2015, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. It was definitely a shock, although I should have suspected it, given my loss of smell and taste, the shuffling when…

30 Days of Parkinson’s: The Last Great Frontier for Medicine

Photo courtesy of Adrian Hobden Day 23 of 30 This is Adrian Hobden’s story: My father-in-law, Derrick, died from Parkinson’s — at least that’s what the death certificate said. He had respiratory problems all his life so attributing his death to one thing alone is…

30 Days of Parkinson’s: Sharing My Husband’s Story

Photo courtesy of Ginger Freund Day 22 of 30 This is Ginger Freund’s story: My husband, Spencer Freund, was an extraordinary and gifted man who exemplified all that is good in people. He left an indelible mark in his career that has enhanced our lives,…

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