7 Ways to Make Your Home Safer for Those Living With Parkinson’s


Being diagnosed with a complex and serious disease like Parkinson’s is never easy. Patients and caregivers immediately start considering what changes will be necessary in order to make day-to-day life easy and safe for the recently diagnosed.

There are several things you can do to improve your daily routine while living with Parkinson’s. Many of these changes  include small adjustments and renovations to your home, which should be your safe place.

To help you with all these overwhelming changes, we’ve put together a list of tips based on suggestions from the Michael J. Fox Foundation. These tips will help you improve your life and safety while living and coping with Parkinson’s symptoms.


1. Don’t change all at once: It’s important that you don’t change the whole scenario all at the same time; do it at a slow pace and start by making small changes.

Remove potential obstacles that could be dangerous for someone who has a hard time walking and balancing on their own. If you have big, fluffy rugs that could become a tripping hazard, consider moving them out of main rooms or walkways. Don’t forget to always leave space in between pieces of furniture, so that your loved one can walk freely and safely around the perimeter.

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